Female victims of corrupt laws in Saudi Arabia

Turkey: Saudi Sisters at Risk of Forced Return Could Face Criminal Charges, ‘Honor’ Violence Show More Services Print

  (Istanbul) – Two Saudi sisters in Turkish police custody are at risk of forced return to Saudi Arabia, where they could face serious harm from Saudi authorities or family members, Human Rights Watch said today. One of the sisters lost a challenge to her deportation in a Turkish court in December 2017 and is at  Read More

February 12, 2018 author

اعتقال شقيقتين سعوديتين في تركيا

أوقفت الشرطة التركية أمس شقيقتين سعوديتين يزعم أنهما هربتا من السعودية، وذلك بعد أن تلقَّت السلطات التركية طلبا سعوديا رسميا بإعادتهما إلى بلادهما. Source: اعتقال شقيقتين سعوديتين في تركيا

November 3, 2017 author

Why Saudi Women Are Literally Living ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

By MONA ELTAHAWYMAY 24, 2017   Saudi women during a visit by Melania Trump in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this month. Credit Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters           CAIRO — Just over a week after Dina Ali Lasloom, a 24-year-old Saudi Arabian, was dragged onto a plane from Manila to Riyadh with her mouth taped shut and her  Read More

November 3, 2017 author